Friday, July 25, 2008


So I'm not an artistic person. I see something in my head and I attempt it only to laugh and say, "Yea...I'll go buy it instead."...and I'm ok with it. No biggie.

Before we moved from Colorado I had a wall that needed "something" and it needed it in order to put our house on the market. I knew what I wanted, it was simple and I did it, and it looked pretty good for amature work, so I brought it with us in hopes of reusing it sometime.

Today, my kids found it and decided to "update" it. I should clarify...Tyler & Amber found it. I'd show you a "before" picture, but I don't have one.'s the updated canvas artwork...

Notice Amber's attempt to "color-in" the black swirls, and then notice Tyler's more "abstract" approach.

Luckily it's just chalk and it might wash off...or I'll just do it again. Really not that big of a deal, but I had to turn away a couple of times to pretend that I was really mad, just to hide my laughter.

They cried a little bit and then apologized with great sincerity. When I asked why they were coloring on my picture, Amber said, "We were trying to fix the mirror." Huh....?!


Holly said...

oh my word.
that ALMOST beats my little girls walking a block away today and being brought back by the military police....oh yes.
HOW did they not see you laugh. I would have peed my pants!!!!

(the cop asked me to keep an eye on them, would ya?!...I couldn't help it, I looked at him and said, "ya think?"...grrr)

JLF said...

I love when I check your blog to find several new posts ... I'm sitting here, kids sleeping, eating a few oreos ... ok, more than a few ... and enjoying catching up on your life. I miss you friend. How are you feeling???????? P.S. The artwork is fabulous.

~K~ said...

Oh my goodness...Hi Stacy! You have twins! I'm sure you and holly have lots to talk about these days! How fun to peek at your blog! Your kids are adorable! How crazy that we both ended up in the South!?!