Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have always loved America's Funniest Home Videos. Nothing is more funny than watching people make fools of themselves. And I understand that some of the funniest ones actually include pain, however, since they submit it for my entertainment, I laugh 'til I cry sometimes.

Nothing was more heartwarming...and funny...than allowing my kids to watch it the other night and listening to the girls laugh so hard they could hardly talk. The belly laughing - the squeals - the pure enjoyment. Eric and I were laughing harder at the girls than the show.

It was great to know the girls will have the same sick, warped sense of humor that I have.


Holly said...


the AB club said...

I remember the first time we let Elias was AFV. It was the same thing. too cute

Naomi said...

The first time I ever went to my husbands house when we were dating, him and his dad were watching AFV and laughing so hard and I thought "oh my gosh, this guy is such a dork". Now my husband and son watch it and laugh the same way.