Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2!

Still quiet...still clean!!! **sigh** :O) I had a lovely Mexican dinner with my husband last night and we caught a late movie. We saw "Get Smart"...I didn't know what to expect, but it was fabulously my favorite silly humor way! A good laugh!

This morning we got up early and dropped his car off to get inspected and then we went to Panera and had a bagel and coffee!! Eric's working from home this morning. I'm going to work in the office some more...because it's turning into a big project! I've left a message about possibly getting my hair cut today, and I still plan on finding non-kid-friendly stores to go into later today!! heehee!!

Eric says I'm enjoying being kidless a little too much this week. :O) But I say, they are happy and having fun and there have been no more electric fence they got to go to Red Robin yesterday...which means Tyler got a balloon....My brother-in-law said he's never seen a balloon make someone SO happy. that's my boy.

*sigh*...and my house remains clean!!! That's my favorite part! I haven't even left the house until this morning....2 straight day so of being inside my house...and it was lovely and quiet...AND CLEAN!! hahahahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day and 1/2 later

Still quiet....still clean!! Yesterday I spent the day cleaning bathrooms and kid bedrooms. Not just picking cleaning carpets, cleaning walls, rearranging furniture, washing sheets/rugs, vacuuming around the floor boards and floors and dusting. I love walking down my hall and seeing them clean!!

Today I slept in until 9! Then I made myself a latte and sat outside until it started raining. Then I cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the floor, did some ironing, then started on the office. I'm currently going through file folders and have an ankle-high pile of paper on the floor...and I'm not done yet.

Last night Eric and I went out to dinner and walked around. Guess what...!? We are doing it again tonight too!!! AHH!!! And we are going to see a movie. Tomorrow we are going to breakfast before we drop his car off and then I take him to work. Then tomorrow is my play day! I've worked hard and I want to enjoy a day too!! Tomorrow I want to find little antique shops and shops with breakable things in it....places I would never take 3 kids into! Yea!! I'll let you know how it goes.

I asked my mom if it was bad if I don't get to the point of missing my kids this week. She said it used to take her a week of being alone before missing everyone! I know my kids are having a blast...that makes it easy to enjoy my clean house and not worry about them or feel lonely!! :O) heehee!!

...until then...back to the files!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Silence! you hear that? It's only been 10 minutes....but it's a beautiful sound!!
My sister and brother-in-law arrived last night and just left with all three kids in tow! I go pick them up on Thursday night!! The kids will ride horses and feed chickens and muck stalls and go swimming in a lake and go ice skating and who knows what else. They have their blankets, some clothes, a couple of toys and the insurance cards....I think they'll be fine!

We're ready!!

Can we leave already!?
See ya Thursday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Knights game

We took the kids to a minor league baseball game last night and had a great time. And when you look at these pictures you'll notice a strange woman in's me!!! I made a point to try to get into some of the pictures this time...not just take them! There were fireworks after the game which was fun, but the park and the carousel were the big time we buy the cheap tickets and play the whole time! :O)

Eric & Tyler
Stacy & the girls
The Trio
Eric & Stacy ! :O)
Oh my gosh - the entire family!! (Can you tell a stranger was taking it? All the kids like like, "Huh? Who are you?"

Friday, July 25, 2008


So I'm not an artistic person. I see something in my head and I attempt it only to laugh and say, "Yea...I'll go buy it instead."...and I'm ok with it. No biggie.

Before we moved from Colorado I had a wall that needed "something" and it needed it in order to put our house on the market. I knew what I wanted, it was simple and I did it, and it looked pretty good for amature work, so I brought it with us in hopes of reusing it sometime.

Today, my kids found it and decided to "update" it. I should clarify...Tyler & Amber found it. I'd show you a "before" picture, but I don't have one.'s the updated canvas artwork...

Notice Amber's attempt to "color-in" the black swirls, and then notice Tyler's more "abstract" approach.

Luckily it's just chalk and it might wash off...or I'll just do it again. Really not that big of a deal, but I had to turn away a couple of times to pretend that I was really mad, just to hide my laughter.

They cried a little bit and then apologized with great sincerity. When I asked why they were coloring on my picture, Amber said, "We were trying to fix the mirror." Huh....?!


I am not the most organized person, nor the most structured person. We don't have a ton of specific routines in our hour-by-hour schedule. But it works for us. My kids are behaved for the most part, they are fed, laundry gets done eventually if I really work at it. They sleep at night and we manage just fine. But recently I've noticed the "routines" that we've gotten into...let me lay a couple of them out for you.

Saying good-bye to dad in the morning (if they happen to wake up before he leaves):
1) Drag mom out of bed so she can stand outside with the kids
2) Run outside with dad, open his car door
3) Dad gets in car...just about tripping over everyone because they won't move
4) Once dad is sitting down, give dad a hug, say "Bye Dad, I love you"
5) Kids close the car door...NOT dad.
6) Dad rolls down window and each kid gives a high-five then nuckles
7) Go stand by mom and wave and yell "BYE BYE DAD I LOVE YOU...HAVE A GOOD DAY!"

Leaving the house to go anywhere
1) Go potty...or at least try
2) Get the 2 toys you want to take in the car with you....if you put 10 toys inside a box, this does not count as one.
3) Wait by the garage door for mom to push the button
4) Let the toys "ride" the door up
5) Have mom tell us 5 times to get in the car
6) Try switching seats to see if mom cares today...she does...switch into our own seats
7) While getting buckled, throw a fit that we forgot our so graciously goes and gets them.
8) leave

Getting out of the car when we've returned
1) Have mom tell us 3 times to get all the toys we brought and take our shoes with us.
2) Someone needs to fall out of the car or get pushed or drop a toy under the car that makes mom go get it. (This isn't always...but occasionally)
3) Whine that we are tired and want mom to carry us
4) Go stand just inside the garage so the toys can "Ride" down the door.
5) Drop toys and shoes in the laundry room on the way in so mom can trip on all of them while carrying her bags in.
6) Go back and pick up toys in laundry room and put them away...don't forget the shoes.

1) Go from throwing fits because we are so tired, to putting our pajamas on and acting like mom just fed us a bowl of sugar
2) Bounce of the walls, chase each other around.
3) Whine about picking up toys
4) Go to the farthest point in the house from the room and ask for a "running" piggy back ride.
5) Go find "night-nights" (special blankets)
6) cry because we can't find them (If we'd just learn to leave them in our room like mom tells us we'd know just where they are)
7) Mom found them...ask for another piggy back ride...cry when she says no.
8) Get in bed, ask for already got it for us
9) "Mom - we forgot to brush our teeth!"
10) out of bed...brush our teeth...try for another piggy back ride...(NO!)
11) Once in bed ask mom to sing "Tiger on the bus" (tickling game) maybe another song or two. "Get" mom...hold her arms so she bounces us around...then get her neck so she can't get free (They think it's hysterical). Say prayers. I LOVE YOU MOM!
12) Repeat when dad comes in.
13) Wait 5 minutes and then come out of the room to "go to the bathroom" or because you can't find your water or because mom didn't close the door softly so she needs to do it again.

How did it get to this?!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day at the museum

We love to go to the museum and today was a perfect day for it. Catch the light rail a couple of exits down from our place and take a 30 minute train ride to downtown, then walk 2 blocks. The kids get to ride the train and play all day and I get to play with them and just have are some pics.

Train ride!!
Attempted group picture
Big snake
Amber reading
Peeking Camryn
stacking magnets
Time out - took a toy from a little girl

My girls

I love lately how my girls have played so amazingly together. Tyler too, but right now he's still sleeping because he's got a nasty cough and is getting sick.

My girls woke up this morning and immediately started playing together. One has a plastic horse, one as a plastic cow, and they are completely content.

As rough as my introduction to motherhood was, it really has so many benefits right now. Now that they are older and I feel like I have triplets at times, it's a beautiful thing. They are each others best friends. And at times like these, I don't care that we have triple-time-outs at times.

God has blessed me in ways I would have never considered "blessings" when I was younger. I'm so greatful He knows what He's doing and that He knows what I need.

Thank you Jesus ,for a family I never thought I would want, but you knew I always needed.!

I love my new cappuccino machine!!! Did I tell you Eric got me one for Mother's Day? It sat around for quite awhile before I actually attempted using it, but I know now how. So this morning, now that I finally feel like attempting something more than tea....A nice homemade latte tastes so yummy!! Here are the perks:

*It didn't cost me $4
*I didn't have to drag 3 kids in with me or wait in a drive-thru
*It's actually exactly what I ordered!
*I might actually finish it before it gets cold!

It's one of the "perks" in my life right now!

HAHA!! Get it? Perk?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Mommas Time"

This is a daily event that we have had in place since early on. But, naturally, as they get older, it morfs, but I stand strong.....this is not "Momma make the beds-time" or "Momma, break up the fight-time" or "Momma find the toy-time" or "Momma put kids back in their rooms 12 times for the fun of it-time".

Camryn called to me at one point today:

Camryn: "Mom, come here and look really quick"
Mom: "Do I have to kill it?"
Camryn: "No."...said with a giggle like I was joking.
Camryn: "Can you make our beds?"
...not just make the beds, but put the mattress back on the box spring! What do they do in there?!

I've been sick for the last couple of days. The first day I laid on the couch as much as I could. The 2nd day I felt pretty good, but today, I'm in between. Enough to feel "Blah", but not enough to justify laying around all day. So I just really want to whine....hence my rambles.

I'm going to go get strawberries and whip cream and watch a chick flick and fold laundry...that way I'm being productive and lazy at the same time!

Countdown....4 days until all 3 kids go to Aunt Lisa & Uncle Louis' for 5 days!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I finally got the girls new glasses. Amber's lenses kept falling out and Camryn kept telling me her's were too fuzzy. So I decided that if I was going to teach them how to read this summer it was only fair they could see and hear. So with slightly increased prescriptions and new frames...this is what we have.

Amber & Camryn
The funny thing is that Eric and I think they look more alike now than ever. I think it's because they switched frame styles. Amber used to have the thin wire frames and Camryn had the trendy ones. But since Amber has such thick glasses she needed new frames that would hold them. (Plus I spent a bit more money to get her better lenses that aren't as bulging.) Amber's are now a cute brownish/orange and Camryn chose the pretty purple ones.
Aren't they cute?


I have always loved America's Funniest Home Videos. Nothing is more funny than watching people make fools of themselves. And I understand that some of the funniest ones actually include pain, however, since they submit it for my entertainment, I laugh 'til I cry sometimes.

Nothing was more heartwarming...and funny...than allowing my kids to watch it the other night and listening to the girls laugh so hard they could hardly talk. The belly laughing - the squeals - the pure enjoyment. Eric and I were laughing harder at the girls than the show.

It was great to know the girls will have the same sick, warped sense of humor that I have.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday Night Date

I love when I get to have dates with my husband. Since we've moved here I don't get many. Last Thursday Eric called and said one of the gals in his office had volunteered to watch our kids on Friday, plus he thought he could get lawn seats for the Brad Paisley concert. Brad Paisley is a famous country singer right now...if you're not into country, you may not know him. But I've always wanted to go see him in concert.

Anyway, I didn't hesitate. So Friday I went out and bought a new pair of Lucky jeans and a new top, because literally all but 2 of my jeans have holes in the knees from floor-time with the kids. And because Eric is in the music industry, it's always good to know people, or to know people who know people. So, because of his connections, we got in to the VIP section of the concert, bar, grill...just a much smaller crowd, and you can watch the opening acts from there instead of sitting in the sun that long. Plus, because of another concert, we got actual seats, instead of grass AND...we got to go backstage and meet Jewel....if you're not a country fan, you may still know Jewel...she's trying to get into the country music scene and was opening up for Brad. Anyway...we got our pictures taken with her!

The concert was great and the time with Eric was wonderful.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swinging Croquet

I was at Target yesterday and saw this really cute kids croquet set on clearance...originally $40, on sale for $10....I never THAT good of a deal, so I bought it.
We set it up outside and played with it...the kids were excited all of 5 minutes...then the girls found out that the mallets made great swings extensions....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Should really be called "Kick-your-butt-ing"

I took my first class today. There were times that I thought I would throw up the last drink of water I just took...but I never did. There were times I would look in the mirror and see my legs kicking and think, "Wow...I thought those fell off 20 kicks ago...I'm surprised they are working". But my final kicked my butt and I loved it! It was great. Plus, the instructor is like 6 months pregnant and so it's a bit motivating....if she can do it...I can too!!! YEAH!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Painting, horse & sleeping

I bought poster board and water color paints and let the kids go to town. We did it 2 days in a row with playdates. It was a lot of fun! Last year, when we just used regular water color paper, I saved all their paintings and used them as wrapping paper at Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

Amber painting

Camryn painting

Tyler painting

We went to Lisa's on Saturday - this is me and Dottie...I'm on the right.

This is my favorite picture this week. I often find him like this, and finally went and got my camera. It's just too cute.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

She's reading!

One of the most fun things I've experienced lately is that Camryn is starting to read!! She's not really reading sentences yet, but she's learning to sound out words. We are slowly working on connecting them. But it so fun to see her work so hard at it and then to actually hear the word in her head!

Today at lunch she saw a sign for Golf Galaxy and she said very matter of factly, "Mom...I will read that word. G-O-L-F" Then she smiled and said, "GOLF!"

I am using a program online that I found. The website is I really like the logic. I'll use it for Amber too. She's not super interested yet so I'm not pushing it, but it's fun to do it with Camryn.

She's growing up. (Even right now I hear her repeating the words we just went over!)

Love it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Here's to my mom who is amazing...and 60!! 60!! 60!! Although she thinks she's officially old, let's just say she doesn't look it or act like it!! You are as young as you she's only 55!! :O) HAHAHA!

I love you mom!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


No, not me silly! The weather! Actually it's not hot...only 85, but it is the most humid of the days since we've been here...and I was walking around in jeans and a silk tank...I'm currently waiting for Tyler to wake up so we can go to the pool!

My dear new friend, Kristie, watched 2 of my kids today so I could take Amber to the audiologist. I love that God provided a friend so quickly that I can do kid-swapping with! So nice!

I also loved the audiologist I talked to today. In so many ways she affirmed what I was doing and what I wanted to do...without me giving her all my thoughts, it's like she was reading them. It was so encouraging I wanted to cry and give her a great big hug...instead I think I'll just send her a thank you email! It made me feel not so defeated and blind in what I'm doing.

Eric's got a softball game tonight....if it's early, maybe we'll all go...if not, maybe I'll put the kids down and have a beer!

Ok - I should go unload all my groceries and get dinner started!! I so want a personal chef!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Just a fun few pics of the kids - I still haven't figured out how to get to the other side of the camera!!

Playing soccer with dad

Tyler and Grandad (my dad)




All three personalities!

sparkler fun

Ok - I'm obviously catching up on blogging since this is the 3rd today. We didn't go watch fireworks, but we bought the kids sparklers. I figured out a fun feature on my camera and so my mom and I were playing around with it....

Trying to spell "Amber"..just not fast enough

Trying to spell "Mimi"...just not fast enough

Smiley face


"Camp" is coming!

My sister and her husband...the ones with the horses....asked if the kids could spend a few days with them!!! Uhhhh...YEAH!!!! And given my morning of whining, arguing, fighting, fits, pouting, ignoring...this weekend couldn't come quick enough!!

We will go over on Saturday for a pig roast to celebrate Louis' graduation from Ranger School. Then Eric and I will come back without kids...without car seats...without fighting...without arguing...without midnight snacks and potty breaks...without time outs....!!!

He and I can have a date night. I can clean and it will stay clean. I can sleep in or go to Target and get lost in the isles!

Change of I was typing, Lisa called and said we'd have to wait 2 weeks because of their schedule. OK...deep's fine...2 weeks isn't bad. Of course I've already told the kids 5 days....good thing they don't have much of a concept of number of days yet!

Still - I love that Lisa & Louis want to spend this time with the kids. It will be great for everyone.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

weekend bonding

Usually when I get some time alone with Eric, it's on a date eating dinner or watching a movie, maybe I'm asleep on the couch while he's watching the baseball game. But this weekend we had some great time together at home!!!

Yesterday, after my parents left (they were on their way to their new home!), Eric and I played wiffle ball in the back yard. The kids were down for a nap and he and I took turns pitching and hitting, then we'd both hop fences into neighbors yards to retrieve the balls...usually the ones he hit! I spent much more time pitching than hitting, but had a great time. There were times we were laughing so hard I thought I'd pee my pants. It was a blast!

Then, last night we decided to watch a movie together...and usually, so I don't fall asleep 15 minutes into the movie, I do my nails. So I was getting ready to soak my feet and guess who wanted to soak his feet too?! His were dry and cracking so he thought a good foot soak would be good...don't let him kid you...he enjoyed it, because then I trimmed his toe nails and rubbed lotion into his feet too!! (I know some of you are gagging right now because feet gross you out, but I enjoy it...never bothers me).

So, this weekend we bonded in such fun ways...wiffle ball and foot soaks...what could be better?

I'm so grateful for a husband who loves to live and laugh. I love the way he loves me.