Monday, June 9, 2008

Where am I?

I have a great friend who is in a place in her life that has her healing from her past and striving for her future. She is laying down everything at the thrown of God and embracing what He has given her and where He has put her. She is opening her heart to allow healing and growth. She's taking care of the temple that He gave her. It's an amazing thing to hear about and I love that she's at that point. But it's got me thinking...where am I? I'm not where she is. I don't have a lot of past things I need to heal from. I don't have a lot of goals I'm trying to attain. So I am here. But where is that?

I thought about that this morning as I sat outside listening to my birds and drinking my coffee before the kids found me. I heard this soft I usually recognize but not always listen to. It was God. He was speaking to my heart. He said, "You are a time of peace. You are here to love your children and be a support to your husband and to not worry about the rest right now."

Given the last couple of years of heartache and limbo...I'm ok with that. However, I don't want to be at such peace that I am lazy...which could easily happen. So right now I am just trying to refocus on Christ. To hear what He has to tell me each day. To try to be open and willing to be where He wants me to be...without fighting Him or resisting.

It's a good place to be.


JLF said...

You are fabulous and I love you dearly.

Mom :o) said...

Hi Stacy!!!

I just read this and as I was I wanted to say the same thing that Jesus said to you!!! Isn't He great?!!!

Love Ya Lots,

Mom :o)