Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fire Ants!!

Are we done yet? Can I now be done being introduced to bugs and creatures I don't want to meet?! PLEASE!? seriously.

This time it was my poor little girl, Amber, who found the fire ant hill. We were at Eric's softball game. The kids were playing on this hill picking flowers...I was paranoid about snake hiding places. They had been doing it for an hour and all of a sudden I hear this scream like nothing I had heard from my children before...but knew it was Amber. So I darted off as fast as my flip flops could take me through the dry grass.

As I approached I saw that she was swatting and I knew immediately it was fire ants. I started swatting too, and about the same time I arrived, 2 other moms quickly arrived and helped me strip her down to her undies and get her in the bathroom. One mom ran back and got her anti-itch spray and started dousing Amber with it and the other mom picked through Amber's clothes and made sure she got all the ants out.

I counted 36 bites. You could see where they started on her legs, then she started swatting and they went to her hand and arm. :O( It was so sad. Although I skipped panic mode and went right into "get-it-done" mode. ants....I really don't want to know what's next.

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JLF said...

No way!!! Did the baseball game stop or was it just "Moms-to-the-rescue"? Goodness girl ... that's so horrible. How is she feeling now?

Cockroaches, snakes, fire ants ... yes, definitely time to come back now. :)