Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I love this day! My dad rocks. He is strong and silent and the most loving, caring, do anything for his Loves Christ and it shows through his servant heart. Calls just to say hi or to let you know he saw something that reminded him of you. Willing to find a car like mine in work's parking lot and get the keys so he can look at the same thing I'm looking at and help me fix it...only to be 100s of miles away.

I sent my dad a starbucks card because it's something we can do together...100s of miles apart...and I sent him one with pink flowers because he'd have to think of me every time he used it!! My dad truly rocks and is someone I admire, trust and love! the father of my children. He got hit in the eye yesterday with a softball and split his cheek open and got a black eye...and as he laying there taking his "father's day nap" I thought, he is amazing. Handsome and loving and the perfect dad for my kids. I am confident they will speak as highly about him when they are my age, as I do my dad. The best thing he gives them is that he loves and respects me and shows them continually how to do that.

Happy Father's Day Dad and Eric. I love you.

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