Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coffee Date

So I had my first coffee date since I've been here. It was really nice. I went with Eric's cousin, Jami, and we closed down Starbucks and still sat outside for an hour (3 total) talking. It was very enjoyable.

It really made me miss my coffee buddy Kelly. :O(

It was a nice break. The last couple of days has been filled with this:

"Mom, she took that from me. " "But I don't have one." "Mom, she hit me" "But he took that from me" "But I don't have one". "WAAAaaaaaaa, I bonked. I need a bandaid." "Mom, you forgot to get me a snack." "Mom, he took that from me." "Mom, I had that first." "But I don't have one." "Mom...Mom...Mom...Mom!!!!!!!"

Tyler stood in the kitchen and repeatedly picked up and threw down a metal toy table until it finally dawned on me what he was doing. (I have the ability to block out noise) I looked at him and said, "UGH!!! Tyler!!!! Please...stop being so BOY right now!"

But then at the Y, I was telling him that his new friend Emily was coming to play and he said, "But mom, what dress will she be wearing today?" HAHAHAHA....go throw a table!

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