Monday, June 23, 2008

Anticipating? or Disbelieving?

The last two weeks at church have been times that I sat there feeling like God was in the chair infront of me...but not paying attention to the sermon, but instead it was as if he was strattling the chair backwards looking at me to make sure I was paying attention. But not in a "smack upside the head" kind of a gentle hand on my arm and a whisper in my ear saying, "Are you listening? I'm trying to talk to you. And I love you and I want you to hear my voice."

Last week we went to a Baptist church that is not very Baptist. We go there somewhat regularly...between visits of other churches. There was an associate pastor speaking and he was speaking of the lady in the bible who was so broke that the tax collectors were coming for her only two sons since that's all she had. When she went to the king to tell him, he told her to go ask all her neighbors for as many jars as she could find and take them home. Start pouring the small amount of olive oil that she had into the jars until she had filled them. The question of the day was "How many jars would you have collected?" What is the area in your life that God is asking you to give to Him in faith.

Then, this week we went to a church that has a 19 year old as a head pastor but is one of the fastest growing churches in America. They were doing a special series and had a broadcast sermon from a guest pastor, who was really good. The message was about when Christ went to Nain. He had a group of followers who were anticipating His next exciting move, knowing if they followed Him they were sure to see great things. That group came upon a funeral procession with a widow who just lost her only son. Jesus went up and touched the coffin and told the boy "Get up". So you have now 2 groups - one which is anticipating and one who is looking at him like, "Seriously dude...he's dead." But then when the boy sat up, both groups were in awe.

I have an area that I need to have more faith in and believe that God is SO much bigger than my problem...He was so much more than that boys death and so much more than His own. Have I stopped believing that He is THAT big? No way. I know He is so much bigger...He has proven to me over and over again, just HOW BIG He is. Why does doubt always creep in when I have experienced "BIG" first hand? ( selling in a week...pretty BIG) I want to always be in the group following Him that says, "Watch this guy...He's amazing...and wherever He goes amazing, unexplainable things happen." I know He is BIG, but I know that I'm afraid of the roll He wants me to play in this plan...and I'm not ready for it...according to me.

I need to get more jars.

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Mom :o) said...


You make my heart so full!!!

I love the picture you gave me of Jesus straddling the chair with His hand on your arm.

I love Jesus' way of loving my children! It is so wonderful to see Him at work in your life and see you responding to Him!!!