Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm going numb

As I sat in Starbucks having a fun treat with my kids, I felt something land on my forehead. With surprisingly little panic I pinched it and threw it on the floor to see that it was a spider. So I smooshed it.

I really wanted to scream and vomit at the thought of what would have happened had it landed in my hair instead of on my forehead!!

Instead I shuttered with disgust and thought, "Haha God...not funny." Can we be done now?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fire Ants!!

Are we done yet? Can I now be done being introduced to bugs and creatures I don't want to meet?! PLEASE!? seriously.

This time it was my poor little girl, Amber, who found the fire ant hill. We were at Eric's softball game. The kids were playing on this hill picking flowers...I was paranoid about snake hiding places. They had been doing it for an hour and all of a sudden I hear this scream like nothing I had heard from my children before...but knew it was Amber. So I darted off as fast as my flip flops could take me through the dry grass.

As I approached I saw that she was swatting and I knew immediately it was fire ants. I started swatting too, and about the same time I arrived, 2 other moms quickly arrived and helped me strip her down to her undies and get her in the bathroom. One mom ran back and got her anti-itch spray and started dousing Amber with it and the other mom picked through Amber's clothes and made sure she got all the ants out.

I counted 36 bites. You could see where they started on her legs, then she started swatting and they went to her hand and arm. :O( It was so sad. Although I skipped panic mode and went right into "get-it-done" mode. ants....I really don't want to know what's next.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Seriously!? First snakes!? Where on earth did I move to? Send me back to dry boring Colorado!! I walk out on my back deck to let my dogs out and find a long black snake curled up in some shade. The pooper-scooper rake didn't work in containing him and he slithered under the deck. I want to vomit.

I now have my heavy duty flat bladed shovel sitting by the back door to attack him with next time...although if I don't get him I'll call animal control.


Update: So I've decided not to freak out about this. It's the initial shock of finding something like that which I realize is the worst part. After I freak out efficiently I find I can calm down and relax...I'm always on the look out...I think he's still under the deck. I think I can hear him...and I get get down on my hands and knees and look for him under there. But we have a really big deck and as long as he stays in the back....fine. But I carry my handy shovel with me around now!

I did tell the kids about it and what to do...of course Amber only wants to see it.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Can I just say that some people really shouldn't be in customer service...or answering phones? And if they are in that job they should at least LISTEN to my request before replying stupidly!!!

Trying to make appointments for eyes and ears today...trying to find a doctor who is familiar with a certain hearing disorder is one thing...having to talk to the nurses that "help" him is I want to blow their minds out of their heads and replace them with intelligent ones.

Good thing I'm smarter than they are.

Anticipating? or Disbelieving?

The last two weeks at church have been times that I sat there feeling like God was in the chair infront of me...but not paying attention to the sermon, but instead it was as if he was strattling the chair backwards looking at me to make sure I was paying attention. But not in a "smack upside the head" kind of a gentle hand on my arm and a whisper in my ear saying, "Are you listening? I'm trying to talk to you. And I love you and I want you to hear my voice."

Last week we went to a Baptist church that is not very Baptist. We go there somewhat regularly...between visits of other churches. There was an associate pastor speaking and he was speaking of the lady in the bible who was so broke that the tax collectors were coming for her only two sons since that's all she had. When she went to the king to tell him, he told her to go ask all her neighbors for as many jars as she could find and take them home. Start pouring the small amount of olive oil that she had into the jars until she had filled them. The question of the day was "How many jars would you have collected?" What is the area in your life that God is asking you to give to Him in faith.

Then, this week we went to a church that has a 19 year old as a head pastor but is one of the fastest growing churches in America. They were doing a special series and had a broadcast sermon from a guest pastor, who was really good. The message was about when Christ went to Nain. He had a group of followers who were anticipating His next exciting move, knowing if they followed Him they were sure to see great things. That group came upon a funeral procession with a widow who just lost her only son. Jesus went up and touched the coffin and told the boy "Get up". So you have now 2 groups - one which is anticipating and one who is looking at him like, "Seriously dude...he's dead." But then when the boy sat up, both groups were in awe.

I have an area that I need to have more faith in and believe that God is SO much bigger than my problem...He was so much more than that boys death and so much more than His own. Have I stopped believing that He is THAT big? No way. I know He is so much bigger...He has proven to me over and over again, just HOW BIG He is. Why does doubt always creep in when I have experienced "BIG" first hand? ( selling in a week...pretty BIG) I want to always be in the group following Him that says, "Watch this guy...He's amazing...and wherever He goes amazing, unexplainable things happen." I know He is BIG, but I know that I'm afraid of the roll He wants me to play in this plan...and I'm not ready for it...according to me.

I need to get more jars.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Amber's Outfit

So this is primarily for Holly to compare her daughter's mis-matched outfit to something my daughter put on one day. She was as serious and as confident as could be....Confidence before fashion...luckily we had no where to go!

Winter hat
Tyler's PJs - mismatched top (western rodeo) & bottom (baseball)
purple snow gloves
her pink, green, purple, yellow striped socks
Tylers "Cars" shoes

Fairy princess

This only lasted about as long as I could convince her to take some pictures...which is always challenging with Amber, but I can't decide which is my favorite. They are all so cute.

Breakfast in bed

I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning because we have nothing on our schedule today except to go grocery shopping and maybe play the pool this afternoon.

Eric had gone to bed and as soon as he left the kids were up and in my bed...relatively quiet. But then a little while later Eric was in my room again. I really thought I was just out of it, but then he brought me breakfast in bed...granted it was Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts, but still!! He said, "I was hoping the kids would still be in bed so you could enjoy now I have to eat it when they aren't looking!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coffee Date

So I had my first coffee date since I've been here. It was really nice. I went with Eric's cousin, Jami, and we closed down Starbucks and still sat outside for an hour (3 total) talking. It was very enjoyable.

It really made me miss my coffee buddy Kelly. :O(

It was a nice break. The last couple of days has been filled with this:

"Mom, she took that from me. " "But I don't have one." "Mom, she hit me" "But he took that from me" "But I don't have one". "WAAAaaaaaaa, I bonked. I need a bandaid." "Mom, you forgot to get me a snack." "Mom, he took that from me." "Mom, I had that first." "But I don't have one." "Mom...Mom...Mom...Mom!!!!!!!"

Tyler stood in the kitchen and repeatedly picked up and threw down a metal toy table until it finally dawned on me what he was doing. (I have the ability to block out noise) I looked at him and said, "UGH!!! Tyler!!!! Please...stop being so BOY right now!"

But then at the Y, I was telling him that his new friend Emily was coming to play and he said, "But mom, what dress will she be wearing today?" HAHAHAHA....go throw a table!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I don't know gals...I don't know if I WANT to do this. "THIS" being the south. I've succumbed to killing at least one spider a day...whether it be in my bathtub before the kids get in or finding one crawling across the kitchen floor or even taking down a very impressive web just so I don't walk through it...of course, smashing the spider before doing so. And I really don't like spiders.

However....last night there was a giant cockroach in my kitchen!!!!!!! GAG...throw up...gag...scream...shiver...gross...YUCK!!!

I saw the dog digging at something and saw something BIG move and told him to leave it...then I saw what it was and started yelling "GET IT, GET IT CROSLEY, GET IT"...over and over. I had to assess the situation and find the proper whacking object. My bare feet and the plush football would not thankfully the dogs kept it occupied while I realized my largest frying pan was on the counter....I reached...called off the dogs...and hit it as hard as I could (not caring about the floor or the frying pan)...then I just left the pan on the floor. I was afraid if I lifted it up it would just be mad and come after me.

Eric wasn't sure if it was a water bug or a I took a picture on my phone and sent it to my dad and sister. My sister is evidentally a cockroach expert having lived in GA for awhile. She said, "It's a cockroach...but the good thing (good thing?) is that it's not the kind that live in your house...they just pass through." Oh...well...FIND A DIFFERENT ROUTE!!! GROSS!!!!

here it is...smooshed...but still twitching. It was not small.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I love this day! My dad rocks. He is strong and silent and the most loving, caring, do anything for his Loves Christ and it shows through his servant heart. Calls just to say hi or to let you know he saw something that reminded him of you. Willing to find a car like mine in work's parking lot and get the keys so he can look at the same thing I'm looking at and help me fix it...only to be 100s of miles away.

I sent my dad a starbucks card because it's something we can do together...100s of miles apart...and I sent him one with pink flowers because he'd have to think of me every time he used it!! My dad truly rocks and is someone I admire, trust and love! the father of my children. He got hit in the eye yesterday with a softball and split his cheek open and got a black eye...and as he laying there taking his "father's day nap" I thought, he is amazing. Handsome and loving and the perfect dad for my kids. I am confident they will speak as highly about him when they are my age, as I do my dad. The best thing he gives them is that he loves and respects me and shows them continually how to do that.

Happy Father's Day Dad and Eric. I love you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Friend!

A couple of weeks ago I met this girl at the pool...thanks to our kids. She and her family just moved here from Maryland. We've hung out and had a great time and our kids all get along well too. She's got an almost 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old...both girls.

Yesterday the moving truck came to their new place to unload so I had the privilege of helping!! I took both girls and their yellow lab...because really...once you have 2 yellow labs, what's another?! She came and got the youngest at lunch to take home for her nap, but the rest of us hung out all day. We watched movies with popcorn and played outside and they chased each other around screaming like banshees!! (Seriously ear-piercing) I even did sand art with the kids. There was a lot of sand....a lot. But it was great and they were very proud of their finished product...thank you Target $1 section!

Then last night we had them over for tacos. After their long day of dealing with boxes they joined us for a nice, relaxing evening of kids, dogs, tacos, a bit of heat and humidity and some wine! Oh...and ice cream! It was great. I was so grateful that I was able to help. I had been praying that God show me where I can help others in this area, but at a level I'm capable of ...this was perfect! Thank you God! But the best part is not only do I have a new friend...I have a kid-swapping friend!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


My kids have been telling me they miss the snow. I took this right before we left to go swimming the other day. I took these out of the duffle bag that we used to put our swimming stuff in and they found them....I think they were a bit confused.


Eric's dad has been here for the past week...just left yesterday...and why I haven't posted. But it was a great visit with him. We did lots and had lots of fun.
We went through a drive-thru safari thing...I didn't need to use my zoom. Isn't that the most psycadelic picture of a giraffe? He ate all our food and my camera wasn't turning on and it's the only picture I got! Then there's Jim with the kids. Amber used to be my goofy-face it's Camryn!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Where am I?

I have a great friend who is in a place in her life that has her healing from her past and striving for her future. She is laying down everything at the thrown of God and embracing what He has given her and where He has put her. She is opening her heart to allow healing and growth. She's taking care of the temple that He gave her. It's an amazing thing to hear about and I love that she's at that point. But it's got me thinking...where am I? I'm not where she is. I don't have a lot of past things I need to heal from. I don't have a lot of goals I'm trying to attain. So I am here. But where is that?

I thought about that this morning as I sat outside listening to my birds and drinking my coffee before the kids found me. I heard this soft I usually recognize but not always listen to. It was God. He was speaking to my heart. He said, "You are a time of peace. You are here to love your children and be a support to your husband and to not worry about the rest right now."

Given the last couple of years of heartache and limbo...I'm ok with that. However, I don't want to be at such peace that I am lazy...which could easily happen. So right now I am just trying to refocus on Christ. To hear what He has to tell me each day. To try to be open and willing to be where He wants me to be...without fighting Him or resisting.

It's a good place to be.

Friday, June 6, 2008

moving furniture

At what point will I learn? At what point do I realize that I SHOULD NOT let my kids eat spaghettios at a table that is sitting on white carpet? seriously...I thought I was smarter than this...but here is what went through my head....

"Well, I really shouldn't let them eat in there. I really don't want to drag the coffee table into the kitchen again for them to eat on. They've been really good lately, and at a normal table with normal chairs I'm sure they'll be fine."

See...our table is in our formal dining room which is around the corner, completely separate from the kitchen. We don't have a table in our kitchen, so many times I drag our coffee table into the kitchen (because it has linoleum!!) and they pull up their little lawn chairs and eat.

So - again, I say...when will I learn. Amber wasn't paying attention and knocked Camryn's bowl onto the floor. I stood there hiding my face trying to calm down before reacting....I did better than I've done in the past but basically told everyone to leave and go to their room, in a semi-loud voice. I kept standing there wanting to cry, but really I kept thinking, "If you don't start cleaning it RIGHT NOW it will never come up!!!"

Thankfully a couple of weeks ago I read "Never under estimate the power of club soda" I raided Eric's liquor cupboard and it worked brilliantly!! Straight club soda and a couple of white tea towels...and it all came out. I couldn't believe it.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging furniture so that our table and chairs are now in our kitchen, cramped as it may be. And the dining room will become their library/toy room. But what I want now is the cute little elevated table from Crate & Barrel that I saw the other day. Oh well...this will due.

Seriously. When will I learn?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Toady - I just want to stay in bed and sleep. I tried hard, but the kids wouldn't let me. I'll try again later.