Saturday, May 17, 2008

Workout Cafe...coming soon!

A lot of the gals I know are working out in some fashion or another. Weight Watchers, Y, do-it-yourself stuff, eating stuff...etc. Soon, I will be starting a sub-blog called "Workout Cafe". I will allow everyone to know the login-password so that you can either create your own post, or just comment along on others'.

I feel we need a place to connect on this issue. To know we are not alone and to know there will be others out there to support us, laugh with us, encourage us and to understand when we just need to vent and whine.

If you are all for this, let me know!! My personal email address is if you are interested, or you can just post a comment...I just know there are some of you who read but don't post, so this is another option.

I will open this by word-of-mouth. I'll try to have this up sometime this week!!


JLF said...

yes yes yes

Holly said...

me too!!!! I love it!