Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's Choices

Today I chose to wake up early and have a cup of coffee with my husband before he left for work.
Today I chose to let my kids watch Oliver and Company 4 times.
Today I chose to do laundry and not have to re-wash a load because I forgot it.
Today I chose to also fold and put away the clothes!!
Today I chose to buy "National Treasure II" because it was only $16 at Target!!!
Today I chose to only eat 6 of the mini cupcakes I bought for the kids instead of the whole box.
Today I chose to start a list of pro and cons for Amber's potential school.
Today I chose to not finish my dinner because it was the first time I didn't want to eat something I cooked since it was so bad! (way over-cooked salmon!! gross.)
Today I chose to have handfulls of cantelop instead of chocolate whenever I was tempted. (for the most part)
Today I chose to put my son to bed early and without letting him finish his dinner and without dessert, because he was being a pain in the butt at dinner.
Today I chose a bowl of fresh, locally picked strawberries with whip cream and mini chocolate chips instead of the orange creamsicle in the freezer.
Today I chose to be more dedicated to praying for my husband because it's the one thing I can do for him.
Today I realized....I still don't like severe thunderstorms when tornadoes are involved!!

It was a good day.