Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday babble

We tried a new church today. It would be easy for me to sit here and mock what I experienced but instead, I choose to just say, it's not the church for us. So we'll keep looking.

Afterwards, we went to a restaurant...and here is a sampling of what lunch sounded like:

"Mom, look at my coloring." "Mom, look at MY coloring" "Mom, can you pick up my color?" "Mom, she took my yellow color!" "Look, there's a hot air balloon on my table!" "Where? I want a hot air balloon on my table" "Mom, why don't I have a hot air balloon?" "I want a hotdog". (they don't serve hotdogs here) "Yes they do, I want a hot dog". "Mom, my tummy hurts, I have to go stinky". (Thank you Eric for taking him) "Where did dad go?" "I have to go potty" (you can wait 'til we're done) "Mom, what's that man doing?" "Mom, is this my lemonaide?" "Mom, I don't like the brown french fries" "Mom, my paper is wet!" "Mom, this is too hot"

This went on ALL through lunch...and beyond...after lunch, on the way home...this is what it sounded like in the car:

"Mom, I dropped my horse" "mom, she bonked me!" "mom, can you get my bag?" "Mom, why are we going this way?" "Mom, why are we going this way?" "Is home this way?" "I don't want to look at houses." "mom, I want to go to the pool." "Mom, are you mad?"

I was so very mentally exhausted by 1pm. And this was only a taste of the non-stop questions and comments just never ended. I actually sat on the couch and watched baseball while Eric cleaned the kitchen...usually I can't just sit there while he does that, but yesterday I did.

BUT!!!....Saturday....I did get to do my big grocery shopping all by myself!!!

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