Saturday, May 17, 2008

stretching my comfort zone

So - most of you who know me would be like, "Whatever Stacy!" if I told you I am painfully shy when it comes to meeting people. I have had good friends tell me they thought I was a stuck up snob when they first met me because I was quiet, I didn't make eye contact and I just don't reach out if I'm not in a familiar setting.

So - moving across country and not knowing anyone...has caused me to become a shy recluse. As far as I'm concerned...people should just "KNOW" that I'm the new girl on the block and that I need friends and I need people to reach out to me...not vice-versa! hello!!! But, over the last couple of weeks, that has all come to the surface and I have finally decided to face that glitch in my way of thinking and face my social challenge head-on!! YEA!!! (barf..throw up).

Yesterday I did good! I was at the Y...which I have been faithfully been visiting for the last month and a half. But never once have I asked anyone their name or introduced myself. So I made a point yesterday of asking those who I run into on a regular basis their names. Like 2 of the gals at the daycare place who watch my kids. I apologized for not doing that sooner and just explained that I'm just bad at doing that. Then, in the class the I took, I graciously handed out mats to those behind me and also helped put them away for those behind me when we were done. In doing so, one lady was picking up her kids at the same time as me and said, "Oh, you were just in that class, right? Did you like it? Is it always that hard?..." etc ...and we had a brief, friendly chat.

HA!! No one spit on my face or laughed at me or rolled their eyes. I know this may all sound funny, but these are the things that go through my head!! How will I ever know who God is bringing into my life if I'm not willing to do my part?

Sunday we are visiting a church that is just down the street, so maybe I'll see people I recognize from the Y. (maybe!?) My goal is that if I do see someone...I introduce myself. Granted I normally see people sweaty and no make up and in workout clothes, and Sunday they'll all be pretty and intimidating. I guess I better look better than them...that will help! :O)


Aimee Hamilton said...

I know what you mean. I've been in Phoenix for 8 months, and I've met the ladies in my bible study (which was like pulling teeth in order for me to get up the courage to actually join!) and some people at work. Unfortunately I'm not really the "new" one anymore, and so now I don't have friends or excuses.....hmm, don't be like me!!

Holly said...

I have to do this every three years and I have actually grown to love it.
I know it's partly personality but being around many women who also have to do this I can tell you for sure that YOU CAN - no matter the personality!
And not only can you but you will LOVE how people respond to you.
"To have a friend, you must frist be a friend"!!!!
DO IT!!!!
Set a goal to introduce yourself to one new person a day!!!
You will love it, I promise!