Saturday, May 3, 2008

Squirrel Poop

Too funny. You know that poop is a lifestyle here...especially with Amber. But yesterday it was Tyler. In the middle of dinner he informed me by yelling that he'd done peepee & staaaanky. So I walked in to assist and he said, "I did 2 little ones" and I said, "I see that" and he said, "One looks like a little squirrel." I laughed out loud because yes, in fact one looked like the tail of a squirrel.

So - not 10 minutes later...5 minutes at the most...Camryn yells the same phrase. SO, again, I went to assist and I said, "Wow, you did a big stinky" and she said...with a little grin in her voice, "Yes, but they don't look like squirrels!"

I got a pretty good laugh!!

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Holly said...

ah yes, the conversations about poop/pee....overwhelming at times so I just don't think about it! but this was funny!