Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This is an odd day for me. Maybe because it's always been about MY mom, but the last few years it's been about me. But it's still weird. If nothing really special happened for me, I'd be ok.

But I want to acknowledge all the amazing moms in my life, right now, that are supportive inspirations in this journey....My mom, Kelly L., Jessica F., Tori E., Michelle G., Jessica W., Holly P., Amy S. Just to name the ones I communicate with regularly.

You are all special to me...With each of you I share special aspect of motherhoood. Anywhere from disabilities to heartaches to just mom stuff. I am thankful that I know each of you. To me, this is what Mother's Day know that I'm not alone in this journey/adventure. I know that God has given me an amazing support group to call on. He has equipped me with all of you. He is enough, but you make it overflow!

At the same time I remember the moms who aren't here anymore. My grandmothers and Eric's mom. I always wonder what really goes through his mind on these holidays when he doesn't have a mom to call. It makes me grateful that I do. I think of my friend who is no longer a mom to an earthly child, whose son died 2 years ago at the age of 16, only to ascend to heaven to not only meet his heavenly Father, but also his earthly father who passed away when he was only an infant. As much joy happens in celebration of moms, my heart goes out to those who struggle on this day for many reasons.

Squeeze your kids a lot today, your mom a lot today if that's a possibility, and a fellow mom. Consider this a blog-hug from me. SQQUUUEEEZE!

I love you all.
from this mom

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