Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm always amazed at how fast things change. For 4 1/2 years I have been giving baths. I put them all in the tub (and thanks to my new big tub, this is much easier) and let them play. I miss my hand-held showerhead, but cups will do...and just dipping the head to the hair line too. It's a method, it's a practice, it's a structured event...then they can play.

But a few days ago something changed. The girls decided to wash themselves. BRILLIANT!!! AHA!!! And they do a pretty good job. But how nice to finally sit back and just relax a bit. It literally just happened one day. No prompting or teaching or just happened.

As exciting as it is, it was a bit weird. What other things will "just happen"? They are growing up so fast and so confident. Like last night, I asked Amber to pick up the dozens of colored pencils that were laying all over the floor. Usually this is an event that is a struggle the entire time. But last night she said, "OK mom". And in less than five minutes it was done!! Not one reminder was needed. Not one time did I raise my voice. Not one time did she stop until it was done!! **sigh** So nice!!

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