Monday, May 12, 2008

Lazy @$$ day

So i didn't do much today. I stayed in my pajamas until almost 4pm. That means no bra or underwear. My hair was dirty and kind of slicked back and tucked behind my ears. I had just had a "picking" feast on my face because it's breaking out...and I was outside helping my child who fell or something...and my friendly neighbor peeked her head over the fence to chat...which is a frequent occurance, and I really like her...but since I'd just picked my wasn't pretty. I tried to subtly rub it out and she pretended not to notice. I'm actually laughing out loud about it right now because it's so 15 years old!!!

I attempted to do a Sudoku (sp?) puzzle all day...a black belt level. I'm still working on it and determined to figure it out.

Where were my kids you might ask? Whining. Crying. Fighting. Stealing each others toys. Tyler was peeing in his pants...i think I changed his clothes 4 times today. Maybe this is why I was trying to escape into Sudoku land.

Finally around 3:30 I realized that my kids were probably that way because i was "my" way. So we all got dressed, made Tyler pee 2 times before leaving...and we went to the Y. They could run around and not wonder what I was doing...and I could run on the treadmill and feel like I'd accomplished something.

Oh face is burning...I forgot to take off my zit mask...and Tyler is yelling...

K - I'm back. HAHAHA...again, I laugh out loud. I wondered why my face was feeling flushed.

So that was my day. I have now showered and want to go have a beer and some dark chocolate and work on my Sudoku puzzle.


JLF said...

Oh, I love it ... I like to take my big mama magnifying mirror, and sit under this window in my bedroom that gets really great light ... and just pick away. :) Hahahaaaa. Awesome. I am having a lazy day today ... home with Grace and enjoying every lasy ass moment.

JLF said...

Um ... oops, I spelled laZy wrong ... that is how lazy I am today. :)