Thursday, May 22, 2008

His first crush...

This is just a random conversation that I want to remember and laugh about every time I read it.

Yesterday we went to the Y so I could work out. Somewhere between me picking him up and getting to the car...I don't remember the exact location....he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, with a smile in his voice,

Tyler: "Mom! Guess what I did today?!"
Me: "What?!" (said with equal enthusiasm...and thinking this was going to be about a ball or balloon or coloring page or something..."
Tyler: "I talked to a girl!"(said with aw and amazement)
(pause for a moment of out loud laughing)
Me: "You did?!" (trying to be serious and stop laughing)
Tyler: "Yea. She is Edie." (as best as I could understand him)
Me: "Is she a big girl or a little girl?" (teacher or toddler)
Tyler: "She's a big girl."

Great! He's going for the older women already!! This was just the funniest, yet sweetest conversation with him. I'll ask who this Edie person is and get her side of the story because it's just too cute.

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