Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great project!

This morning Eric tells me to come outside, but leave the dogs inside. Great...a snake or something! (That's what I was thinking). But it was a baby bird. It had feathers and looked healthy but was still the size of an egg. He appeared to have fallen out of a tree. Now, we have a lot of trees with no visible nests so it wasn't like I could just put him back up.
Learning from a friend's recent "fallen bird" experience, I had Eric get a bowl and a tea-towel and I picked up the bird and put him in the "nest" and put it up on our play-house (which is funny because we call the play house the "Bird House").
I thought it'd be a great project for the kids to make a better make shift nest and hang it in a tree. So when they woke up...that's what we did!!

Then they filled it with leaves:
Then we went to get the bird and put it in the new nest to hang on the tree....
And the bird was gone!! Silly bird flew away.
So much for a great rescue project!! The disappearing bird did not go over matter how exciting I tried to make it...."Yea!!! The bird flew away." "Yea...the momma found the baby bird and took it back to it's nest" "Yea!! The baby bird is ok!"
Not so much. 3 kids. "But I wanted to keep it." "But I want to see the bird" "But I wanted to hold it".
Oh well...


Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing some of your family traditions Stacy, I love them!!! =)

Holly said...

I can just hear them now!!!! (oh wait, maybe that's just my kids in the background....nope, it's yours! ;-)

JLF said...

Hahahaaaaa ... hilarious. You are such a fun mommy.