Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm trying really hard to be better than I'm doing. We have friends coming over tomorrow to visit. My house is a wreck. Eric has a softball tournament today....which I originally told him I would rather him not play in since we had company coming. But then, being the loving and supportive wife I try to be, I found myself saying, "Sure" because I didn't want be a non-supportive or needy wife. is almost 6 pm and he is still there...I say still...because he thought his team would loose twice immediately and then be done. That way he could help me out. So...also being the loving wife...he wanted the kids to come watch a I took them. Then he calls after his 3rd game...which they won...and said he blew out his hamstring...which isn't a first, but it's very debilitating. But he needs to stay and be a team player....that's what he told me.

I choose to not vent the real thoughts going through my head right now because I am REALLY trying to not bad mouth....but I am pissed right now. Is that wrong? I'm really frustrated and angry...just to be honest.

But I'm trying to be forgiving and understanding and not hold a grudge. I still want to be that loving supportive wife....but it's really good he's not home right now!!! UGH!

Oh...and I had to spend 45 minutes tearing apart, cleaning and repairing my vacuum that decided to have an attack. I is working...and I did tear it apart, fix it and put it together. That's something, right?

Frustration cleaning is the best.

*(#&$*(#$&)*@(*#&)%(*&#@^%!%^#* ERRRRGGGGG!!!

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JLF said...

Oh girl, how I love your honesty. You are fabulous. I completely get that struggle, the supportive wife and the one that doesn't give a crap and wants them home NOW. WHAT IN THE %#$@. I so get you.