Saturday, May 10, 2008


I don't want my previous post to be an indication of Eric. He is wonderful and if you know know that. He's great and this isn't normal.

But he did walk in from a long day with flowers in hand...not for Mother's Day. His first words were, "I have flowers for you. I love you. I am sorry. I screwed up big time, I am really sorry and I love you."

He has never bought me "I'm sorry" flowers before. Never needed to. He was as sorry as I'd ever seen him.

Am I better now? A little bit. I'm still working on letting go of my grudge.

I do love my husband. He's amazing.

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JLF said...

I'm sorry flowers ... nice. He is a great man, this I know ... life is such that they can just piss us off though ... don't minimize your feelings girl. Thats the amazing thing too about marriage ... knowing that we wanna punch them out one moment and can look at them with such love the next.