Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are they twins?

So - I get this question all the time. A part of me's obvious...but on the other hand they dress differently and Cam's a bit taller, and sometimes Cam doesn't wear her I always smile and answer "They are! :O)" Then proceed with the rest of the comments and questions.

However, today I realized what people do once I answer their first question..."Are they twins?" Once I affirm their obvious suspision, I realized that they all pretty much do the same thing...they get this silly "Ah...I thought so" grin on their face. Or if they are with someone else, I've usually overheard the debate in the background (are they or aren't they) because they say it loud enough that I hear, but not directly at me. Make sense? So again, once I affirm their suspision, the one who was "right" nudges or the other or leans over to their friend like I can't hear and says, "See, I thought so."...with the same "I thought so" grin.

It's quite commical. Like it's an accomplishment...or like it was a mystery they figured out. I feel they are expecting a prize for guessing it right or something. Maybe I should hand out candy for guessing it right!!

Then sometimes they ask the question and are surprised by my answer. Then I hear things like, "Well, I guess they DO look alike." Or they debate me "Well, one is taller"..."They don't dress the same" they expect me to go..."Oh, that's right, they are not twins"

....No candy for you!!!


Holly said...

I KNEW it! They are twins!!!!

(just in case the candy is good I wanted some!)

the AB club said...

I use to get that question from people about my older two who are almost 2 years apart.

Heather said...

i love ya sis you make me giggle and if the candy is chocolate i was one of the first too know, don't forget!