Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So it was not as comical as I thought it would be...there was one point I was trying to keep a straight face.

We were doing a "cleansing" breathe and you inhaled through your nose, then you stuck your tongue out and curled it like a taco and did 8 quick exhaling puffs. It WAS funny!

And there was one point where they taught us that if we held our fingers in a certain way and said the name of an object that we had lost, 3 times, then we would find it. That was funny too.

After that it was just stretching and breathing for and hour and 10 minutes. It was actually very refreshing and I didn't even fall over!! I'll do it again!

Ok - 3 posts today is a bit obsessive...I still have dishes on the counter from last night!


JLF said...

Hahahaaaa ... as you described the taco tongue, I did it, while exhaling 8 times and holding up my fingers I wondered where I lost my glasses ... then I remembered. Hahahaaa ... it worked.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Holly said...

there is NOTHING excessive about three posts in one day ;-)

Yoga is funny - I always laugh and am usually the only one laughing (meaning we should never do it together or we wouldn't make it through a class!)

Kelly said...

Stace- I tried to post once so hopefully this isn't a duplicate. You know I can be technologically challenged when it comes to this stuff:)

I am so happy you shared your blog with me. You are an inspiration to others (including me) and have such a gift for writing. Your posts are encouraging, funny and easy to read! Most of all I am happy you are doing this for you!