Sunday, April 13, 2008


Why do I have to learn where places are the hard way? When I needed an ENT doctor I had to go through an urgent care and 4 hours at the childrens ER to find one. For a peanut?

Then, I knew we'd need a vet eventually, but we got the dogs updated on their shots just before we left so I think..."We are good for awhile."...right? WRONG. 10:30 last night I have to do my first ever vet ER run.

We were afraid that Maggie was getting a blockage in her stomach/intestines so we decided to take her...I took her because I'm much more of an emotional basketcase and being involved helps. Thank you Eric for recognizing that gently and knowing how to handle it. It wasn't bad and the xrays were inconclusive but nothing obviously life threatening. My options came down to taking her home and monitoring her or leaving her over night so they could put an IV in her and then re-xray her in the morning....for $1000!!! Thank you....I'll take my dog with me. Thank you Lisa for suggesting that the dog is probably dehydrated and telling me to give her a bunch of gatorade....she's doing much better.

Why does God give me emergencies to introduce me to things? I think it's to remind me that He is in control and to not panic, but to let Him handle it. To set aside my agenda...which gets in my way A LOT...and to rely on His not so predictable agenda...which is always what I need. At what point does He say, "Ok - she's done learning, she gets it." Probably never. I'm glad I have to rely on God. Think of how much more of a basketcase I'd be if I didn't.

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JLF said...

$1000!?!?! Yea for your friend that suggested gatorade and you can buy that for .99$ Nice! I am with you, when does God say, "alrighty, yep, she learned that lesson finally" You are so right in your answer ... never.

You are fabulous and I love reading your blog. Blogs are awesome! Happy Sunday night! LOVE YOU!