Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What would life be without....


I know kids enjoy balloons. They all enjoy getting them and watching them float up and away. It's a natural way of kid-life.

Then there is Tyler. He is enamored with balloons. Completely obsessed. Last year at his birthday party we had balloons...a lot of them and it was too much for the poor boy. He was very disturbed and was trying to keep track of all of them.

At my cousin's wedding last summer they purposely filled the dance floor with white balloons with ribbon long enough to touch the floor. I thought he would float away with as many as he carried around that night.

I asked him what kind of presents he wanted for his birthday this year...which we are celebrating on Saturday...and he said, "I don't need any presents...only just balloons." What 3 year old says "I don't need presents!"? I'm 32 and I still want presents!!

I realized tonight that our grocery store gives away a free balloon to each kid as you leave. Simple pleasures...a whole evening of entertainment and happy kids. Seriously. They pretended (at Tyler's leadership) that the balloons were sleeping in a box, then they'd all go lay on the floor in a room and sleep with the balloons. If one of the girls got bored...he was right there to pick up their balloon and carry it too.

I'm grateful to have an object that brings such joy to my son...and to have a grocery store who gives them away for free!!!

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JLF said...

Simple pleasures huh??? :) Love it and I LOVE Tyler's balloon obsession! Makes me smile to think of him and his sweet face smiling!!!