Saturday, April 5, 2008

What I thought was "COOL"

So Eric decided we'd take the kids to ice cream tonight after dinner. Do you know that was the first time in my life I didn't order anything!? I was so proud of myself...and yet so bummed at the same time. Learning to say "NO" is the biggest step, right?!

On the way out of our neighborhood there were four girls that we came upon (it was dark outside) and they were standing there in our headlights dancing at us...just to be silly. I chuckled. Eric asked what they were doing and I said, "just being girls". Totally something I would have done as a young teenager...stood in front of an oncoming car and goofed off...just to be "cool".

Then it came to me...the time in my adolescence that I remember thinking I was SO cool. I was probably 12 and living in Virginia. Somehow I had acquired a pair of high-heal (the wooden high-heel), suede short boot, boots. Black I think. Anyway, I remember thinking they made me look SO much older than I was...and so much cooler than I was. So for probably a week, after school, I would change into my boots and my "outfit"...Lord only knows what the rest of it was...I just remember there was an outfit...and boots. Amazing boots. My best friend and next door neighbor (same person), Alex, would come over and help me put my hair in a "side" pony tail and tease/rat it up. Totally 80s. sweet. She would find something comparable to wear...of course it wasn't anything like mine. Then we would strut. We would strut up the street and down the the middle of the street...being silly and trying to attract attention (not that there was a lot to be attracted). And whatever attention we would attract we would somewhat acknowledge...yet still ignore...because of course I had boots that were too cool.

It made me laugh to remember that tonight.


JLF said...

Oh girl, I would have been struttin' right there with you ... side pony tail and all! Awesome. That totally made me giggle.

Holly said...

oh my.