Monday, April 28, 2008

Tyler is 3!!

Well - technically it's tomorrow, but we celebrated this weekend since my family was in town. My mom and sister bought at least a dozen balloons stuffed in a big box for him to open.

My older sister made the cake. The Mater is made from chocolate drawing that she's so cool!! Then she used chocolate donuts as the "trim" to look like tires. And of course balloon candles.
I can't believe he's 3. Hopefully 3 will be as good for him as it was for the girls!!
This birthday weekend was not good for my eating...I mean it was GOOD....but not when I'm trying to be good!! The cake was chocolate giradelli chocolate chunk brownie with icing!!! AHHHHH!!! SO GOOD!!! And I didn't just have one piece!!!
Then Eric, on Sunday, was "encouraging" me to go to the gym...and I know he really was trying to be encouraging and motivating for me but I really wanted to sit down and do nothing!!! But his "motivation" tool was to remind me of all the crap I'd eaten all weekend. That irked me wrong. So, I went to the Y and got my butt kicked in sculpting class.
Then I came back still grumpy and he left to go to the Y and I got some great "Frustration Cleaning" done. You know...the kind of cleaning that only happens when you are mad or frustrated to the point you don't know what else to do?! Kids toys got gone through and thrown away, boxes were put in the attic, clothes were organized and put away, laundry started. It felt good.
Then I tried to get over myself and after the kids were in bed Eric and I played Scrabble and it was good.
But I still didn't want to go to the gym!!

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Holly said...

good for you...

also, I feel silly telling a pastry chef that she did a good job on the cake but seriously, those chocolate drawings aren't as easy as they look! very cute

I'm making a CARS cake in May so I LOVED the tires idea! thanks.