Monday, April 21, 2008

School decisions

So I have not posted an update on school because I needed some time to just either process it or not think about it.

I went to visit Amber's potential school on Friday and it was better than I had thought. Not bad. A passionate and caring teacher and speech pathologist. I found she will do all the extra curricular activities (art, pe, recess, lunch..etc...) with one of the kindergarten classes. Then she returns to the self-contained class for reading and english and all the really important core learning. It would be fine for her. I still don't like the uniforms.

Eric and I spent time talking on Friday and I am moving forward with the paperwork process, but will not send her this year. I will take the rest of this year and the summer to really research options and to look into homeschooling them for a year and putting them both in kindergarten in '09-'10. I am at peace with this part of the decision.

I found one of my biggest issues I'm having is that I have twins. If it was just Amber it would be different. But I have Camryn too. I don't mind if my girls are in different classes and I could manage if they had to go to different schools, but I don't want them in different grade levels. Maybe that's something I have to come to grips with as a possible reality.

What if started both girls this fall and Amber was retained but not Camryn. What if I put Amber in school this year but not Camryn (because the teacher says that most of the HH kids are retained) expecting Amber would be retained, then she's not and Cam's not in school. What if? Can I live my life in a "what if" stage? NO!!! Do I want to face any of this as reality? NO!!! I want both girls to start kindergarten together...and 1st grade together. Is that too much for a mother to ask? My desire, my heart desire in the deepest part of my heart...overflowing at the that both of my girls are ready to enter kindergarten at the same time and excel through to 1st grade with no retention.

Does that mean homeschooling for a year? Maybe. What if I can't give my hard of hearing daughter everything she needs at home? What DOES she need? How do I know?

Pray for wisdom and peace and for knowledge and a box of "HOW TO GUIDE" on my door step!! :O)

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