Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Reese is my brother-in-law who was deployed about a month ago. My sister got a call the other day at 3 am. It was Reese telling her he was fine, but had broke his hand. She was elated that it was his right hand...that means he can't fight right now. He wouldn't tell her what happened.

A few days later she found out that one of the guys in Reese's group had been killed. We don't know what happened or if his injury and the death were related in any way. But the soldier who died has a wife and young kids.

Heather was grateful that he got hurt and laid-up because she said for whatever reason, she always had a very unsettling feeling about this mission.

Jesus - please keep Reese and his men safe, along with all the other men and women who continue to fight. Help them to see, but be unseen. Surround them with a wall of angels. Watch over their families. Bring them all home safe. Be with the family of the fallen soldier. Help them to feel your peace. Comfort them and bring support for them. Help them to remember long and heal quick. Amen.


Aimee Hamilton said...

Amen. I'll be praying.

JLF said...

Oh girl ... I am praying too. Reading that just makes everything that happens "over there" seem sooo REAL. I don't want that to sound wrong , but knowing you and to think your sister is dealing with all of that is just amazing to me. I will be on my knees.

On another note, YOU LOOK SO HOT in your date picture! Girl, a month of working out and weight loss or not, you've got to see how toned and SEXY you are!!!

I LOVE Tyler's bday gift, a box with balloons! FABULOUS!!!!

Holly said...

there are no words here, just a 'ditto' in the prayer...I think about my brother every day and his wife and kids about 10 times a day.