Friday, April 11, 2008

Note to myself...


Great job!!! You have done 1 full week of structured workout. I know the 5 am gym time is tough, but I also know you KNOW you like it. Your legs are like jello right now because you worked your butt off...or your legs. Keep the momentum. like the way this feels. Yes, there are cookies in the pantry calling your name, and 1 never hurts anyone...but don't kid don't stop at one. It's the 4-5 that follow that hurt!!! Stay strong, you're doing good. Hang in there. 30 days to set a've got 23 to go. Take advantage of the opportunities God puts infront of you. When He nudges quietly because He's gentle....respond loudly because you want to give it your all.


1 comment:

Holly said...

ok, I am laughing so hard that I am crying.
I am printing this off and putting it on my fridge.

I have been doing great with eating/working out but my new goal is to find some help with kids so I can run while Jake is gone. I am training for a half marathon in September!