Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Some people call them woobies or binkies or our house they are lovingly called nite-nites. Their crocheted blankets handmade by Eric's aunt.

Amber's is yellow.
Camryn's is green.
Tyler's is blue.

Life revolves around these. We can be driving around town and let's say Tyler sees a school bus. First, it's always exciting to see a bus...then it's exciting because he'll say, " matches your nite-nite". In which she responds..." guz mack my nite-nite!"

It can be a car or a flower or a person's shirt...but whenever there is a "match" it is very exciting!!

OK - off to my first yoga class. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I laugh at the thought and I'm still excited.


JLF said...

YOGA??? Can't wait to hear what you thought about it!!! Ohmmmmmmmmm.

Holly said...

I like the new look - it matches Tyler's nite-night!