Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My God

What is impossible for my God?
When my husband needed a new job but didn't have time to find found him.
When we needed our house to sell sold in one week.
When we needed to find a rental with so many needs, HE provided it for us.
When a baby is born at 28 weeks, HE breathes for that baby so machines don't have to.
When a little girl is having seizures and we pray it's "nothing"...the neurologist agrees!
When our brave family members are sent overseas to protect us, GOD protects them.
When I'm in need of a friend...HE nudges one calls out of the blue.
When I need a hug...HE gave me 6 tiny arms that can give THE BEST hugs.
When I need unconditional love....HE died for me and gave me knees to talk to him.
When I need more than kid hugs...HE gave me an amazing husband who is more than I ever dreamed about.
So...what is impossible for my GOD?

Thank God!


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JLF said...

This is a fabulous entry! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! HE IS SO GOOD!