Friday, April 11, 2008

morning serenade

What a mixed morning. I woke up because I had to pee r..ea..ll..y bad. But I just laid there in the dark wondering what time it was and if I'd be able to fall asleep again. I laid there for a minute or two in continuing agony....I don't know, maybe I was trying to ignore it. Then....Eric's alarm clock went off. My eyes honestly opened wide and I thought, "WOW! no one woke me up last night. No dogs, no kids, no husband, no bladder, no sweat (the night before I was so hot because Eric was cuddled up with me that I woke up literally sweaty...gross). I had slept through the night, legitimately for the first time in AGES.

Well, it didn't last much longer than my ability to realize what had happened. Kids were in the room needing "help" going to the bathroom...meaning they just want me out of bed and to stand by the door. I tried bananas and fruit bars to keep them in their room so I could have a bowl of cereal and coffee with Eric before he left for work. It worked off and on, I finally gave up. I even had one of them in time out with a spanking before 8. nice.

Eric and I were able to sit outside on the back deck and had a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee together. The morning was on the warm side of brisk, but not warm yet, the breeze was absent. The cars and trucks weren't driving around yet. The neighborhood kids were not out running around. I suspect they are enjoying their last day off from spring break, and sleeping in.

It was just the birds outside. And they were busy. You can hear all of them around the area. Some in the trees in my yard, and some far off. It's like a morning serenade. Of course, there is always that one bird that tries to sing along and it just doesn't work....the dove. As pretty and elegant as people try to make these things out to be...when they try to sign along with all the others, they just sound like something dying or with laryngitis. Although I empathize with them because that's how I feel when I sing...I can make myself cringe.

I'm off to try a "sculpting" class today. No, not with clay...the kind that will kick my butt at the gym. I figure the key to working out and having success is to switch it up and to challenge yourself. right?! "yes Stacy, that's right....good job. you'll be glad you did it."

Happy Friday!

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