Friday, April 4, 2008

How did this happen?

It is only 7:42 am and I have already been to the gym to do my cardio workout!!! YOU GO GIRL!! (if i must say so myself!) I don't want to have to take the kids to the Y every day so I decided on my cardio days I have to get up early, before Eric leaves for work, and go. God so lovingly woke me up at 4:40 am to get my mind going...then the dogs needed to go outside (and since Crosley has decided to puke every morning before breakfast I had to do it.) So then I crawled back in bed and snuggled up to my sleeping husband. Trying to fall back to sleep for another 45 min or so...then maybe I'd just over sleep and not "be able" to go this morning (hee hee...i try to be sneaky)...But again, God, in his ever so gentle way, sent Amber in who needed to go to the bathroom. At that point I said, "OK have given me the opportunity....I am choosing to take it." So I fumbled through the dark to find all my stuff, got dressed, woke Eric up enough to let him know I was leaving...and headed out in the dark and rain. I felt a bit guilty because one of Eric's favorite things to do in the morning is to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over and cuddle. Just hold me in his arms for a few more's one of my favorite times too. I missed that this morning, but I'll take a rain check.

This whole thing about choosing to take the opportunity that God has presented was inspired by the movie EVAN ALMIGHTY. (Sequal to BRUCE ALMIGHTY). At one point "God" is speaking with "the wife" (without her knowing it's HIM) about the situation of her husband being called to build an arc. He said..."When we pray for courage, does God give us courage, or the opportunity to be courageous?" "When we pray for patience, does God give us patience, or the opportunity to be patient?" God presented the opportunity for me to be wide awake this morning...and I even tried to crawl back into bed again...and he so kindly nudged me again. Not forcing me, not making me...but allowing me to choose. Was it painful? YES! I can barely push the lid back on the milk jug without pain, but the hour of time that I had by myself was great. I started reading a book called "The Mission of Motherhood"....which is amazing already. This was some good amazing "ME" time. I pray I can keep it up! did this happen? How on earth did I manage to get out of bed and drag my sorry butt to the gym? God gave me the opportunity.

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