Monday, April 7, 2008


I tried to think about something amazing to write about but nothing came to mind. But today I had a great workout at the Y. My kids played together so great today outside. I tried a brand new recipe and it actually turned out...meaning the kids at all that was on their plate!!

Two things ran through my head today. 1) I remembered the time Eric and I were in separate cars and went through the Starbucks drive through. He was ahead of me and when it was my turn the guy in the window looked at me a bit strange and said, "The guy in front of you wanted me to give you his number." Then he handed a piece of paper to me with Eric's number on it!!! I just died.

2) Swings. My kids LOVE swings. They love the baby swings and usually 2 will go back-to-back in one swing. They love to swing. I HATE swings. Let me tell you why. Because we only have 2 in our backyard and the kids fight like dogs over them. Someone is always left out. At a park, they just whine about the swings...I make them go play on the play equipment and be active...I'm so mean. They could swing ALL day if I let them.

But yesterday Eric was mowing the lawn and put the swings up so that he could mow easier. I LOVE this...I haven't taken them down and the kids actually played happy together for an hour outside. They'd ask for them every once in awhile and I'd tell them the swings are in time out. That was that. This made me happy.

OOO....My dad got the job in D.C. That means in June my parents will be moving within 7 hours of me!! Woohoo!!

Ok - i need to go eat strawberries with whip cream and some dark chocolate. Eric's at the I get the remote!!! YES!


JLF said...

See how GOOD our God is??? Your parents are going to be by you on the East Coast??? Amazing!!! Strawberries, whipped cream and dark chocolate! YUMMMMMO~

Holly said...

that's so cool about your dad!

fun day - I love it that Eric did that for you - so funny.