Saturday, April 19, 2008


OK - I'm being open this morning!! I'm posting my before picture...which I just took. This is actually how I look as I am typing. All I can say is....why didn't someone tell me I had luggage under my eyes?!!! This also goes to show you how much my husband loves me...because this is what he wakes up to and he never complains.

I feel at the moment that I have 3 different hair cuts happening on my head and they don't work together. I have a couple of ideas to take with me today. I went out after the kids were in bed last night and bought a couple of hair magazines. I still need to flip through them again and tag my ideas.

Don't you just love it when you get a new haircut? I do. I pay the extra money to get pampered. I go to Aveda and love it. Obviously this time is the first time with this salon, but I'm confident!! I have to ask for the master/senior level stylists...I can't just go to a newby....can't do it. There's nothing worse than walking out of a salon and looking at yourself saying, "UGH....what did I let her do?" A good haircut and pampering makes me walk 3 inches taller on top of the world. I just LOVE of my favorite things to do for myself.

Do you ever get intimidated by a stylist? I do. I have a tendancy (and again, this is my laid-back, non opinion side of me...) to say, "Sure, that sounds great...whatever you're the expert." It used to get me in a lot of trouble, so I do much better now going in and talking before they do. I've researched and whined enough in the past couple of weeks as I've been looking in the mirror, to know what I don't like, and what I think I want. At this point I am tired of the stacked in back and long on the sides look. I had this before it was popular...I've had it off and on for 2+ years and I'm tired of it.
So - Here is my before picture:

I'll post an "after" picture later today. I promise there will be make up. Hopefully this "before" picture won't be seen as "obscene" and be removed by the "blog people".

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JLF said...

I can't wait to see the new picture!!! You beautiful woman you!