Monday, April 28, 2008

Fancy Dates

So I know that below I was irritated with my husband. But he really is SO good to me, even when I take it wrong...he only ever means it in a loving way.

Saturday night my sisters and mom sent Eric and I out of the house so we could go on a date.
The first one we've had since the end of January. For us, that's a long time.

And I love having fancy dates. I love getting 100% out of mommy mode. My mom treated my sisters and I to pedicures and manicures that morning at Aveda so I had fresh pretty nails. I decided to wear a semi-formal dress because I had it and I never wear it...kind of like using your good china. What good is it if you don't use it...and how fun to use it for normal, everyday use?? So I got fancy!! We went to a nice restaurant and had yummy food.

Then we went looking for a jazz club that we found to be closed due to renovations. So we drove around until we found something. We ended up at a Wine Bar that had live jazz until 11pm!! Great...but it was already 10:45!! So we sat and listened to the last couple of songs and had a drink and headed home.

I love reconnecting with my husband. I love hearing his thoughts and ideas. I love that he shares his heart with me on so many levels. I love hearing his dreams and goals and I love that he wants to hear about mine. I love that he respects me and that he encourages me to take care of myself and get out of mommy mode...because he understands that he benefits from that as much as I do!! I love that he still opens doors for me and that he likes to sit next to me in a booth at the restaurant instead of across from me. I love that he will be silly with me. I love the way he loves me.

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Holly said...

in a culture where marriage isn't as good as it was intended to be this WAS good!
way to go you takes two girl.
...and you look hot!