Monday, April 14, 2008

Encouraging kids

I sat around yesterday afternoon folding laundry and watching The Masters. Yes, golf. My beloved husband counts down the days until The Masters. It was a tradition he shared with his mom from childhood (the golf part, not the laundry part). I never argue or nag, I simply remember Phyllis and think that this is a special time for Eric to remember his mom too.

My kids were busy "decorating" a tree outside with "ornaments"...anything that had a handle or hook. I'm trying to get them to do it again so I can get a picture. They would come in periodically and watch the tournament. It doesn't matter that it could have been the 8th shot on a par 3. When the ball went in the hole, all 3 kids would shout in excitement "HE DID IT!!!" The only saw the success. If only I had this kind of encouragment follow me around all day!!

At the same time it helps me to remember to be like that with my kids. Tyler is really into buckling his own car seat right now. Do you know how difficult it is to sit there for 5 minutes...hands off...and watch him do this? But I keep thinking...this is HIS time, and my God-given opportunity to be patient, loving and full of self-control. And it's a mini party every time he gets it done and he's so proud of himself.

I need to remember to be my kids' biggest fan and cheering section. I want them to know they CAN do it by themselves, but I'm more than happy to help...and available to help...if they need it. I want to be the one there on the sideslines encouraging them on and no matter how long it takes, I don't want the attitude of "'s about time!" I want the attitude of "AWESOME!!! I knew you could do it!!"

I should have gotten a bigger latte this morning...mine is already gone and I want more! **Humph**


the AB club said...

Stacey, I found your sight through Holly. It's so encouraging to see God working in North Carolina. Your post encouraged me to lovingly be patient with my kiddos.

Aimee Hamilton said...

I found your site through Holly too! I'm loving reading about your workout routine. I've recently started Weight Watchers and have lost about 25-28 pounds (depending on when I weigh in...) Haven't got to the exersize part yet...hopefully that will come soon, too! Glad to know you're doing well! Talk to you soon!

Holly said...

I am so dag gum popular!!!!!